How can I order Stylus Contract Furniture?

There are Stylus Contract Sales representatives throughout most of Canada and the U.S.A. Simply contact the closest representative located in our Directory page and we will contact you. If there is no representation in your local area, please contact our main office in Burnaby, B.C.

How quickly will Stylus product ship?

Generally, your CUSTOM order will ship in two to four weeks from receipt of fabric. IN-STOCK orders can ship immediately or as required depending upon the quantity ordered.

Can Stylus provide me with pricing?

To receive pricing on our products, you must contact a representative from our Directory page or contact our main office.

Where can I get the status of my furniture order?

You must contact your representative regarding the status of your order.

How can I check on product availability or fabric availability?

Please contact your local representative for any product availability. They will be able to answer any questions that you may have.

Can I purchase Contract fabric yardage?

Yes, all of the fabrics in our Fabric Gallery are available by the yard. Please contact your representative for pricing or to check current stock levels.

I saw a leather or IN-STOCK style that I really liked. Can I get this style in Fabric or as a CUSTOM order?

This will depend upon the quantity of the order. Please review your requirements with your sales representative.

Fabric Upholstery

How do I care for my Stylus Furniture?

To make your furniture lasts longer, we recommend you rotate your seat and back cushions every month. We also recommend that you regularly vacuum your fabric lightly with your vacuum's upholstery attachment.

How do I clean my fabrics?

Stylus recommends having your furniture cleaned by a professional cleaner. Never remove cushion covers for cleaning. Please refer to the Clean Code chart for further details.

Will sunlight affect the colour of my sofa?

Sunlight will fade fabric faster than fabric not exposed to direct sunlight.

Can I supply my own fabric (COM) when ordering/specifying Stylus furniture?

Yes, we do accept COM (Customers Own Material). Please work with your sales representative to ensure that you are sending enough yardage. Yardage requirements depend on the width of the fabric, as well as the repeat of the pattern.

The dimensions of the furniture vary from the dimensions listed. Why?

What makes Stylus furniture so unique is that every upholstery piece is hand-crafted. By nature, dimensions of upholstered furniture are always approximate, and may vary by up to one inch depending upon the size of the piece. All measurements are rounded up to the next full inch to prevent having pieces too large to fit through a space.


Can I order my Stylus leather furniture in another cover than what I have seen?

Depending on the leather piece that you are ordering, you may be able to special order it in different leather colours, or different leathers. Please speak with your Stylus representative to determine whether the leather style you are interested in is available in special order.

How can I care for my leather upholstery?

We recommend cleaning it using a neutral soap diluted with water. Use a dry, soft and white cloth. We do not recommend any type of conditioner, or chemical to be placed on the sofa. Simply dusting the sofa, and cleaning up spots when they occur should help keep your sofa looking good for its expected life. Remember that leather is a natural material that can change its appearance as it ages.


What is the Stylus warranty?

Stylus stands behind the integrity of every product and will work alongside customers to assess the reason for any issue or problem and the best course of action. If you do discover a problem shortly after furniture delivery, contact your representative for immediate attention. Click here to view our warranty.

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